Thursday, September 3, 2009

From Greece to Ginza, Munching Through Orange

For more than 35 years over the Labor Day weekend, the must-be place for a dizzying array of international food is in Old Towne Orange.

It's a charming historic downtown next to the train depot and Chapman University where I get off the Metrolink train and hop on an OCTA bus almost every morning on my way to work. Metrolink trains and OCTA buses will take you the festivities.

This year's Orange International Street Fair is this weekend, and the culinary scene promises to be just as vibrant as past years. The theme might be "Music Makes the World Go Round," but it's the tasty morsels of goodness that make the appetite come back for more.

This evening in the heart of Santa Ana, I reunited with my favorite food blogger Nancy Luna or better known as the Orange County Register's Fast Food Maven. Nancy and I met six years ago when she wrote the popular "Honk" column for the Register and covered OCTA on the transportation beat.

I credit Nancy for recently helping me overcome my initial skepticism of Twitter and social media. I was excited to see her again as we were both guest speakers for an event hosted by O.C. Register reporter Serena Daniels and the California Chicano News Media Association in Southern California.

We talked about blogging, social media, transportation and this weekend's food festival in Orange. See the YouTube video above taken from my Flip video camera. It's dark because of the venue's mood lighting -- highly symbolic of the economic conditions we're all facing. But I hope you'll see the optimism we share from learning new communications tools.

Also, hear the interview from my iPhone AudioBoo. But you'll have to wait and read her recommendations for palate pleasers on her blog.


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